WELCOME TO Coochin Creek Turf Farm. Growning Superb Green Couch,
... Greenery Improves the Scenery ...

* Now Operated by Arcadia Turf *

Attention all Gold Card Landscapers and Civil Contractors. Ask about our super pricing for Projects
( such as houses, schools, road sides, sub divisions. )

Call for Quote today
Next day delivery available on some lines. * (conditions apply)

Green Couch still available

Turf Prices starting at $3.00 per meter

Here's some of the benefits of choosing Turf from Coochin Creek Turf Farm

  •   Half way between Brisbane and sunshine coast.

  •   Bitumen road to the farm gate.

  •   Frost free area.

  •   Other Turf Varieties available
    * Sapphire * Plateau Turf * Empire Zoysia
    * Tropika * Palmetto St. Augustine
    * Wintergreen * Zoysia Matrella * Aussiblue (Aussie Blue)
    * TifDwarf * Shademaster * Queensland Blue Couch
    * TifWay419 * CT2 Couch *

  •   Drought Proof Farm.

  •   Turf Laying.

  •   Jumbo Rolls and Washed Turf.

  •   Bobcat Hire and Topsoil supplies.

  •   Farm pick-up welcome.

  •   Fork Lift delivered servicing sunshine coast,brisbane and gold coast.

Arcadia Turf
An aerial view of the farm. You can see Glasshouse Mountains in the background
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-1.jpg
An aerial view of the farm. You can see Glasshouse Mountains in the background
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-2.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-3.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-4.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-5.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-6.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-7.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-8.jpg
Arcadia Turf-coochincreekturffarm-9.jpg
Soil Hydration Services
* Now available *

This will help reduce your water costs and benefit your turf / sports field during drought.

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Arcadia Turf Superblend Fertiliser
$25 per bucket.
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Our Turf is ideal for home gardens, golf coarses, civil works, schools and housing delvelopments.

Landscape Packages Turf prep, Turf Laying and garden.

We own our nursery, Brisbanes' only turf grower and nursery. You will save $$$

Wholesale turf orders welcome.

phone Troy 0405 649 012

The Professional Services we can Offer you
Turf ManagementTurf ConstructionPlant Protection
- Aeration
- Dethatching
- Top Dressing
- Scarification
- Over Planting
- Stolonising
- Turf Supply and Lay
- Soil Amelioration
- Soil Conditioning
- Sports field Design and Construction
- Irrigation System   Design & Construct
- Drainage Solutions
- Contract Turf Growing
- Sports Turf Consultancy
- Pest Control
- Weed Control
- Disease Control

You can also visit Arcadia Turf and Nursery to see some of the other products and services we can provide.

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