WELCOME TO Coochin Creek Turf Farm.
... Greenery Improves the Scenery ...

Arcadia Turf can still supply turf. We have...

Green Cooch starting at $3.95 per meter

Soft Leaf Buffallo staring at $8.80 per meter.

phone Troy 0405 649 012


Coochin Creek Turf Farm is no longer operated at Coochin due to constant contamination issues.
The grasses have been sprayed out or plowed in.

We have moved our farm to a new location and can now supply an even higher premium grade turf, which was not possible to grow at Coochin Creek Turf Farm.

Visit WWW.ARCADIATURF.COM to see photos of our new farm and the quality of our new turf.

Arcadia Turf has Green Couch available..

Call us to find out more or to place your order.

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